Hello world!

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Yes, Hello World! For every programmers, this is always the name of 1st example in the textbook. I am not a programmer now, however several years ago I did dream of a programmer. Not bad hah, at least during that period I have learned a lot about the spirit of coding. Now everything has changed, I am in semiconductor physics! How amazing… Anyway, this is the 1st post for this blog. I used to have several blogs, but in the end I lost all becasue I don’t have money to maintain a host domain and space for my own. Then I turned to free ones, blogger was definitely a good place, but it has limitation. MSN is good, and I am still using it. 80% of the reasons for using MSN’s space is becasue everyone on the contact list can see it. Bad size of it is I have no more privacy. But so does everyone else. This is a new place to me, I will try to find a better way to utilize it. I won’t leave it emtpy. Hee…. Cheers! 

   Beautiful MM

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